Program overview/ Curriculum

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Level 1

Level one is our introductory class. Mostly for our 5-7-year-old students. They learn basic motor skills isolation and use of different body parts. They learn basic terminology and are provided hands on instruction of body placement. 

Level 2

Level two is our mid-level class where students are introduced to the more technical aspects of the disciplines that are studied and are expected to understand basic terminology learned in level one. They are to showcase a general understanding for body alignment and placement. They are provided some dance history as well.

level 3

Level three students are our considered our junior ensemble and their next step would be a position with the professional company. Students are expected to understand body alignment and placement and an overall understanding of how to use their body within the different disciplines and fusion styles of dance, i.e. (modern ballet). They are provided with the history of each dance and are expected to understand how the history has developed the disciplines into what they are today. They are to perform dance juries at the end of each season and can audition for the professional Ensemble pending jury performance.

monthly tuition

  • Monthly Tuition (single student): $45 per month
  • Monthly Tuition (Sibling Discount): $45 for the first sibling per month
                                         $15 for each additional sibling per month